Match A Doc eBooks

Match A Doc eBooks
A successful match need a goal directed plan without which you will be wasting money and time. The basic unit of this plan is your target programs you are applying to. These programs can be either in one specialty or more than one specialty. However, at the end of the day, their set match criteria is the major determinant if you are getting an interview or not.

Tailoring your application list based on these set criteria is very important which include USMLE scores, Visa need or status, year of graduation, American versus International Medical Graduate, number of attempts on the USMLE exams, applying as a couple, completion of the tests at the time of application and USCE as known as clerkship, observerships and externships. This is the only way you can let your application cross the program directors filters to get an interview.

We are here to help you choose these programs which are likely to offer you an interview, but be aware there are no guarantees in the residency match. Although program directors will do any thing to match a resident, however, they are very picky and give preference to those top in their PDWS (Program Directors Work Stations) lists. However not all those on the top do reach to the interviews, many of them will decline based on number of invites they get, regional distribution and family issues. So the closer you are to these criteria and requirements the better your chances to get a spot.

Match A Doc did the hectic homework and is giving the whole criteria of all the programs including the IMG friendly residency programs to you in this website for every specialty for free. These residencies include 17 specialties: Internal Medicine IM, Family Medicine FM, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and gynecology OB/GYN, Radiology, Pathology, Psychiatry, Surgery, Combined Med/Ped, Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Transitional Year, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PM&R, Neurosurgery, anesthesiology, dermatology and orthopedics. You can use the search button on the top right. We have published internal medicine and surgery only for time being but will be full ready before the next match.

Also, we are working on interview questions and answers eBooks, for small fee to help running the website, in all the above specialties which will be available before the next interview season begins. Those books which has been published will be posted on the left side links.

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